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Cocktails of spring


The feverish craze surrounding crafted cocktails is spreading like wild fire as folks discover a plethora of delightful recipes. Some hand-crafted variants make use of premium liquors, homemade mixers, ice as well as fresh fruit ingredients. Despite the occasional arduous long-tail process, cocktail lovers are always captivated by the end result. The preparation stage is more than compensated for by the rich flavors.

Spring Thyme

This flavor-rich number includes a variety of ingredients, mixing 2-ounce vodka, 3/4 oz. lime juice, 3/4 oz. simple syrup, 1 peach bitters and 7 fall raspberries. You can then strain the resultant mixture over ice before adding a thyme sprig for garnish.

Chartreuse Swizzle

This Swizzle contains the combination of 1/4 oz. green chartreuse, 1/2 oz. velvet falernum, 3/4 fresh lime juice and 1-ounce pineapple juice. Mix these ingredients in a tall glass before adding ice and stirring. Garnish options for this crafted cocktail include grated nutmeg and a mint sprig.

Photo by Neil Conway

The Last Tango in Modena

The Last Tango in Modena is a tantalizing cocktail that requires the mixing of four raspberries with 1-ounce Balsamic vinegar to create a basic blend. The addition of gin brings a refreshing angle to the overall taste. You will need to shake and strain the mixture over crushed ice before adding St. Germain foam.


Kissyomana requires the following ingredients: four Thai basil leaves, 3/4 oz. lime juice, 1/2 oz. 123 Organic Tequila Reposado Dos, 1/2 oz. Domaine de Canton, 1-ounce mango puree, 2 drops of El Yucateco green hot sauce and 1/4 oz. simple syrup. You must combine all the ingredients with ice before shaking and straining in a martini glass.

Pisco Nuevo

This simple but delectable cocktail combines 1/2 oz. St. Germain, orange juice, 1/2 oz. pisco and 2 lychee in a shaker. Add 1-ounce lychee syrup to the contents and then shake and strain over crushed ice. Orange slice is perfect for garnishing.

Apple Julep

Mixing 10 spearmint leaves with 1/2 oz. rock candy syrup and apple produces a basic blend, which is then combined with 2-ounce Breckenridge Bourbon, 1/2 oz. club soda as well as sweet and sour mix. The resultant mixture is shaken and poured into a highball glass with ice and a mint sprig garnish.

Photo by Little Debbie

Claret Swizzle

Add 1-ounce Journeyman Road's End Rum, 1-ounce Bordeaux wine, 1 dash Angostura bitters, 1-ounce lime juice, 1-ounce orange juice and 1-ounce pineapple juice to a large glass. Then add crushed ice and one ounce of dry red wine to the mixture before garnishing with lime and brandied cherry.

Fox Rose Fizz

To make Fox Rose Fizz, you can start by muddling 2 orange slices with 2 dashes of bitters and 1/2 ginger syrup before adding 2-ounces Buffalo Trace and ice. The blend must be shaken, strained and topped with 1/2 oz. soda in a tall glass. A flamed orange peel is perfect for garnishing.

Rose Hinted Glass

Combine 2-ounce Landy VSOP Cognac, 3/4 oz. lemon juice, 3/4 oz. fennel tea syrup, a few drops of rose water and two mint leaves. Then shake and double strain the mixture before garnishing with a mint leaf.

Lucy Leave

To make Lucy Leave, you can begin by mixing cucumber and orange slice. Add 2-ounce raspberry infused brandy and 1/2 oz. Lillet to the blend before shaking and straining into a tall glass filled with crushed ice. You can use an orange slice and raspberry for garnish.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mixologist, there is always new ground to be covered. Mixology is a voyage of discovery carved in the realms of fresh ingredients, creativity and unbeatable flavors. The above top 10 crafted cocktails are popular in bars dotted around the country. The spirits needed, such as Journeyman, High West Spirits, Dry Fly Distillery, Hudson Whiskey and Kings County are readily available at online liquor stores.